Farmers Will Get Subsidy Of 40 Thousand Rupees For Fencing The Farm


Tar Fencing Yojana 2023: In an effort to protect the agricultural produce of local farmers from the harmful effects of wild animals and cattle, Tar Fencing Yojana Gujarat has been implemented by the Department of Agriculture, Farmers Welfare and Cooperation, Government of Gujarat. The scheme, which has undergone significant changes since its inception in 2005, aims to increase its effectiveness and expand its reach to support more farmers. With a target of increasing farmers’ income by 2022, the Gujarat government is actively involved in achieving this target

80 areas spread over 33 districts of the state have been covered under the program named ‘Sat Karan Khedoot Kalyan’ inaugurated by Hon’ble Chief Minister of Gujarat Shri Vijaybhai Rupani. This article will study the details of Wire Fencing Scheme 2023, its objectives, benefits and specifications.

Tar Fencing Yojana 2023

The name of the scheme isWire Fencing Scheme 2023
BeneficiaryFarmers of Gujarat State
AssistanceRs.100 per running meter or 50% of the cost incurred whichever is less
Application ModeOnline

History of the Barbed Wire Fence Scheme

Gujarat government has been bringing farmer oriented schemes again and again. As for the barbed wire fence construction plan, the plan is effective from date: 20/05/2005. To make this scheme more effective and useful, it has been decided to amend it and make it a cluster based scheme.

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Through the benefit of subsidy is provided to the farmers. One of these schemes is being run by a crop protection mission.Under this scheme, subsidy is given by the government for the protection of crops from stray animals.

This scheme is implemented in all the districts of Rajasthan. For this scheme, recently Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot has announced to release a budget of Rs 100 crore in his budget 2022.

Today, through Tractor Junction, we are giving you information about the subsidy available for fencing under the Rajasthan Crop Protection Mission so that more and more farmers of the state can take advantage of it. So read this news completely and share further.

What is Crop Protection Mission Rajasthan: Announcing about Rajasthan Crop Protection Mission in the state’s budget 2022-23, the CM said that one crore 25 lakh meters of fencing would be done.

100 crore will be given in this grant. This will benefit about 35000 farmers of the state.Concession will be given in the rates of wire bending for crop protection from nilgai and stray animals.

Let us tell you that the protection of crops from wild and stray animals is becoming a big problem for the farmers.

Wiring is the only solution for this. But not all farmers are able to get wire fencing done due to high expenditure on field fencing.

Keeping this in mind, the benefit of subsidy is provided to the farmers by the state government.The state government has decided to continue this scheme even further.

Along with this, changes have also been made in some rules of the scheme so that more and more farmers can take advantage of the scheme.

Rules of Rajasthan Crop Protection Mission Scheme will be changed: The state government has also announced changes in the rules of the Rajasthan Crop Protection Mission Scheme.

In the Tarbandi Scheme, the condition of  considering 3 farmers as one unit, has been announced in its budget to give benefit to a single farmer and to increase the minimum area limit to 1.5 hectares.

How much subsidy will be available on Tarbandi Scheme (Tar Fencing Yojana) Under the Crop Protection Mission from the Government of Rajasthan, 50 percent of the cost or maximum amount of 40,000, whichever is less, is given  to the periphery farmers for the fencing of the farmers of the state, up to 400 running meters per farmers.

Eligibility/Conditions for taking benefits of Crop Protection Mission are: 

Under the Crop Protection Mission, the farmer must be a native of Rajasthan to take advantage of subsidy on wirebani.

The farmer must have cultivable land up to 0.5 hectare.The amount received from the scheme will be sent to the applicant’s bank account, for this it is very important for the applicant to have a bank account which should be linked to the Aadhar Card. 

If the applicant farmer is getting the benefit of any other similar scheme, then he will not be considered eligible for this scheme.

Documents required to apply for subsidy on wiring:

Adhar Card of the farmer 

Domicile Certificate

Voter ID card

Document of jamabandi of farmer’s land

Ration card

Registered mobile no of the applicant which is linked with Aadhar Card

Passport size photograph of the applicant farmer

Driving license of the farmer 

Applicant’s bank account details copy of passbook

Evidence base for benefiting from wire fencing scheme

  • Details relating to bank financial accounts.
  • To fulfill the requirements, make sure to provide a copy of your Aadhaar card along with Class 7/12 and Class 8A details. These three things are essential to progress.
  • Announcement of Payment of Youth Leaders
  • A group of farmers has decided to collaborate by mutual agreement.
  • Farmers in Juth have not actively implemented the wire fencing scheme, as revealed by Banehghari’s observation.

Specifications for Wire Fencing Scheme

  • For the installation of piles, the dimensions of excavation should be recorded as 0.40 m in each direction – length, width and depth.
  • Concrete piers considered acceptable for use are 2.40 m in length, 0.10 m in width and height. They have the required minimum of four strands and their diameter should not be less than 3.50 millimetres.
  • Two pillars should not be closer than 3 meters apart.
  • To ensure stability, additional piers are required to be placed every 15 meters on either side of the bridge, and they should be of the same size as the primary pier.
  • For the construction of the foundation of the pier, cement, sand and dark unprocessed material must be used in the ratio of 1:5:10.
  • To meet the required specifications, barbed wire shall have a minimum diameter of 2.50 mm for both line wire and point wire.
  • Furthermore, the plus-minus ratio should be within 0.08 mm. The barbed wire should also bear the double wire markings of the ISS, and is galvanized and coated with GI.
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How to apply for subsidy on fencing Under Crop Protection Mission: In this mission, farmers have to apply to get the benefit of subsidy on wirebandi.For this, farmers can apply by visiting their nearest EMitra center. Applicants can get the acknowledgement receipt of online submission of application form online only.

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