Mafat Plot Yojana 2023 Free Plot Yojana Form, Online Application Full Details

Hello friends welcome to your new post of govgujarat. The topic of our today’s post is Mafat Plot Yojana 2023|Mafat Plot Yojana 2023. Do you want to avail the free plot plan? But if we do not have complete knowledge about it, then today’s post will be very useful for you. In today’s post we will provide complete information about Mafat Plot Yojana 2023|Mafat Plot Yojana 2023.

Eligible for housing assistance, under the Centre’s housing scheme. Must have lived in the village for at least one year. In this particular case, beneficiaries with eligibility conditions are not allowed to block the limit of 100 yoras meters and there is a limit of 10 lakhs per gram panchayat for private land acquisition. This limit has been removed. Apart from this cost. Read today’s post till the end and also share it with others.

Mafat Plot Yojana 2023 was announced by the Gujarat government to help the homeless, laborers and extremely poor people of rural areas . The free plot scheme was started from the year 1972. The scheme is administered by the Panchayat Department. So let’s know the complete information about Mafat Plot Yojana 2023 and the complete process to apply under this scheme.

Mafat Plot Yojana 2023|Mafat Plot Yojana 2023

The scheme of providing free residential plots to houseless families in rural areas for building construction was implemented sporadically in Gujarat in the early years. Five years ago on 1st May 2017 on Gujarat Foundation Day, the scheme was revised by the Government of Gujarat. Panchayat and Village Housing Department Gandhinagar published an amendment to provide free house plots of maximum 100 square meters but not less than 50 square meters to homeless families living in villages and which was widely publicized in the Gram Sabha. Committees were formed under this scheme to dispose of applications for free homestead plots and avoid delays. Out of which the Land Committee was asked to dispose of the allotment applications at the beginning of every month.

Under the Centre’s housing scheme, any person who has lived in that village for at least one year is eligible for housing assistance. In this particular case, beneficiaries with eligibility conditions are not allowed to block the limit of 100 yoras meters and there is a limit of 10 lakhs per gram panchayat for private land acquisition. This limit has been removed.

Mafat Plot Yojana Document List 2023| Free Plot Plan Required Bases

Complete information about Mafat Plot Yojana

You are also interested in free plot plan. And want to avail this service. So we have given below the short and simple information of this scheme.

Name of the schemeFree plot plan
Planning DepartmentPanchayat Division Gujarat
Beneficiary StateGujarat
Who can benefit?People living below the poverty line
Application typeOnline/Offline
Official website
Form of planDownload PDF

Name of required documents for Mafat Plot Yojana

Anyone who wants to take advantage of this scheme. They must collect all the required documents mentioned below.

  1. Certificate of Annual Income
  2. Aadhaar Card of the applicant
  3. Copy of Ration Card
  4. All the details in the name of SECC
  5. Applicant’s signature
  6. Passport size photos
  7. Proof that the applicant does not own any land
  8. Must be rural artisan or labourer
  9. Applicant must be an adult
  10. Below Poverty Line (BPL) should be included in the list

Application Process for Mafat Plot Yojana

Mafat Plot Yojana Application Form Download

You can download the application form for Free Plot Scheme 2023 by clicking on the link given below. This application process is to be done offline only by providing the form and necessary supporting evidence to the Gram Panchayat Talati and then the complete process will be done by the Talati.

Key Features and Beneficiaries

The Free Plot Yojana scheme has successfully provided subsidized land plots to 16 to 117,030 beneficiaries. This initiative has proved to be an invaluable asset for persons aged 0 to 20 years, offering them complimentary plots of land. It is undoubtedly a remarkable achievement, which has helped many people secure a bright and prosperous future.

Implementation and allocation

Despite the government’s commitment to provide free residential plots or 100 square feet houses to registered rural laborers and artisans, implementation of the policy has faced significant delays.

However, the government is determined to launch the scheme and ensure its effective implementation to meet the housing needs of the underprivileged living in rural areas.

Eligibility Criteria

To be considered for the Housing Assistance Initiative, individuals must have lived in the local area for at least 12 months.

Under the provisions of the Free Plot Scheme Gujarat 2023, those who meet the eligibility criteria can acquire private land up to 100 square meters without facing any hurdles on ownership, provided they comply with certain requirements. Beneficiaries will bear any additional costs associated with land acquisition.

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