Online Exam Test For Gujarat Driving Licence

Online Exam Test For Gujarat Driving Licence

Online Exam Test For Gujarat driver’s license : Hello friends, we all know the Importance of driver’s license Exam So We bring For You Online Exam Test For Gujarat driver’s license . during this article, we’ll find out how to use online driver’s license ? or the way to do online slot booking for the driving test? For getting your driver’s license you got to first obtain a Learning License. The applicant has got to pass a computer test so as to urge a Learning License.

Online Exam Test For Gujarat Driving Licence

A person should have completed 16 years to get a license for two wheeler without gear. an individual should have completed 18 years ago. to get a license for two wheeler with gear, motorcar, Tractor and other non-transport vehicles. For transport vehicles, an individual should have completed 20 years aged . additionally , he must be 8th standard pass and will have experience of 1 year driving a light-weight automobile .

In the coming days, it’ll be easier to make a driver’s license . The central government is preparing to amend the automobile Act. then , there’ll be no got to fill out different forms to renew the training License, New driver’s license , driver’s license . consistent with media reports the automobile Act, 1989 is being modified. While the govt may mandate the Aadhaar card to stop frauds being made in licenses.

Online RTO driving licence test by ahmedabad gujarat rto – Gujarati (ગુજરાતી)

Learning driving Licence r.t.o mock test in gujarati with complete sample online licence test demo of rto gujarat and ahmedabad rto  

Online RTO driving licence exam test Preparation  mock test

Are You Searching the Top 20 Gujarat Driving & Learning Licence Online Test Question and Answer Hindi and English Medium ? So, I hope You Fill The Driving Licence Form Properly , and First Step is Giving the Learning Licence Online Test.

Then you are Right place to Download there Gujarat DL Question Paper in PDF, With Solution You can Download and Read Online As Your Wish. Our Team RTO Services Collect all the Sample Paper for Driving Licence Test Related. Top 20 Gujarat Driving & Learning Licence Online Test QuestionsGJ license download

Download Gujarat GJ driving Licence download pdf , Apply For Duplicate Driving License Download In Gujarat

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These are Important Question on the Top 20 Gujarat DL & Learning Licence Online Test Questions :

Question 1:You are approaching a narrow bridge, another vehicle is about to enter the bridge from opposite side you
• Increase the speed and try to cross the bridge as fast as possible
• Put on the head light and pass the bridge
• Wait till the other vehicle crosses the bridge and then proceed Answer: 3

Question 2: When a vehicle is involved in an accident causing injury to any person
• Take the vehicle to the nearest police station and report the accident
• Stop the vehicle and report to the police station
• Take all reasonable steps to secure medical attention to the injured and report to the nearest police
station within 24 hours Answer 3

Question 3: When a vehicle approaches an unguarded railway level crossing, before crossing it, the driver shall
• Stop the vehicle on the left side of the road, get down from the vehicle, go to the railway track, and
ensure that no train or trolley is coming from either side
• Sound horn and cross the track as fast as possible
• Wait till the train passes Answer 1

Question 4: Honking is prohibited near

  1. Places of religious worship such as Temple, Mosque and Churches
  2. Hospitals, Court of Law
  3. Near Police Stations Answer 2

Question 5: Rear view mirror is utilized for

  1. Watching traffic that is approaching from behind
  2. Watching back seat passengers
  3. Car decor Answer 1

Question 6: In a road without footpath, the pedestrians
• Should walk on the left side of the road
• Should walk on the right side of the road
• May walk on either side of the road Answer 2

Question 7 Free passage should be given to the following types of vehicles
• Police vehicles.
• Ambulance and fire service vehicles
• Express, Super Express buses
Answer 2

Question 9:Parking a vehicle in front of entrance to hospital
• Proper
• Improper
• Proper if NO PARKING sign is not provided

Question 10: Where the slippery road sign is seen on the road, the driver shall
• reduce the speed by changing the gear
• apply brake
• proceed in the same speed
Answer: 1

Question 11: Rear view mirror is used
• for seeing face
• for watching the traffic approaching from behind
• for seeing the back seat passenger
Answer: 2

Question 12: Parking is permitted
• In turnings
• On foot paths
• Where parking is not prohibited
Answer: 3

Question 13: When fuel is filled in a vehicle
• shall not check air pressure
• shall not smoke
• shall not use any light of the vehicle
Answer: 2

Question 14: The pedestrians shall not cross the road at sharp bends or very near to a stopped vehicle. Why?
• Inconvenience to other vehicles.
• Inconvenience to other road users.
• Drivers of other vehicles coming at a distance may not see persons crossing the road.
ANS: 3

Question 15: Records of a private vehicle are
• Registration Certificate, G.C.R., Insurance Certificate
• Registration certificate., Insurance Certificate, Tax Token, Driving Licence
• Registration Certificate, Permit, Trip Sheet
Answer 2

Question 16:While you are driving with the head light in high beam during night, a vehicle approaches from
opposite direction, you will
• Proceed keeping to the left
• Put the head light in dim and bright alternatively several times
• Dim the head light till the vehicle passes
Answer: 3

Question 17: The Driver of a vehicle extends his right arm with the palm downward and moves the arm upward and
downward several times. You will understand that
• He is turning to the left
• He is slowing down the vehicle
• Allowing to overtake
Answer: 2

Question 18: Minimum age for getting a Licence to drive motor cycle without gear
• 18 years
• 21 years
• 16 years
Answer 2

Question 19: When you see the traffic sign School, you should
• Stop the vehicle, sound horn and proceed.
• Slow down and proceed with caution
• Sound horn continuously and proceed
Answer: 2

Question 20:While turning to the left, the driver of a two wheeler shall
• Extend his left hand towards left
• Not show hand signal
• Show left turn signal with his right hand
Answer 3

Exam Test For Gujarat Driving Licence

Some Question On Sign Based in Gujarat Driving & Learning Licence Online Test Questions

Question 1: Which Sign denotes “Compulsory Cycle Track” ?

Question 2: Which Sign denotes “Cycle Crossing” ?

Which Sign denotes "Compulsory Cycle Track" ?

Question 3: Which Sign denotes “Major Road Ahead”

Which Sign denotes "Major Road Ahead"

Download the Full PDF

Gujarat Driving & Learning Licence Online Test QuestionsPapers Meaning of road signs

Goa Driving & Learning Licence Online Test Questions

Gujarat Driving & Learning Licence Online Test Questions Examination Pattern :

RTO Exam Format

No. of Questions20 questions.
Question TypeMultiple Choice Questions (MCQs).
Passing Marks80%
Test Duration20 Minutes.
Exam modeOnline/Offline
RTO Written Test LanguageEnglish/Hindi/State-wise languages.

FAQ on Gujarat Driving & Learning Licence Online Test Question

Gujarat Driving & Learning Licence Online Test Questions Available ?

Yes, you can give the learner’s licence test online.

How many questions are in Learning Licence test?

Probably 15, A total of 15 multiple choice questions

How difficult is the learners license test?

It is Not to Difficult

How to get driving license in Gujarat GJ ?

Here are the steps you need to follow to apply online for a driving Licence:
Step 1:Visit
Step 2: Fill all the details and submit the forms at the local RTO.
Step 3: Submit all the necessary documents
Step 4: Obtain a slot for the driving test
Step 5: Once you have passed the test, you will get your license in 2 to 3 weeks


After reading this article I hope you get all information about the Gujarat Driving & Learning Licence Online Test Questions if you have any issue then you can ask in the comments section.

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