Tar Fencing Yojana 2023 Farmers will get financial assistance to construct iron barbed wire fence around the farm

Tar Fencing Yojana 2023: In an effort to protect the agricultural produce of local farmers from the harmful effects of wild animals and cattle, the Tar Fencing Yojana Gujarat has been implemented by the Department of Agriculture, Farmers Welfare and Cooperation, Government of Gujarat. The scheme, which has undergone significant changes since its inception in 2005, aims to increase its effectiveness and expand its reach to support more farmers. With the objective of increasing farmers’ income, Gujarat Government is actively involved in achieving this goal.

80 areas spread over 33 districts of the state have been covered under the program named ‘Sat Karan Khedoot Kalyan’ inaugurated by Hon’ble Chief Minister of Gujarat Shri Vijaybhai Rupani. This article will study the details of Wire Fencing Scheme 2023, its objectives, benefits and specifications.

Tar Fencing Yojana 2023 (Tar Fencing Yojana Gujarat)

Table of Tar Fencing Yojana Gujarat

Name of the schemeWire fencing scheme 2023
BeneficiaryFarmers of Gujarat State
assistanceRs.100 per running meter or 50% of the cost incurred whichever is less.
Type of applicationOnline
Official website@ ikhedut.gujarat.gov.in

Purpose of wire fencing scheme

Sarkarshree has taken a new initiative to protect farmers’ crops from wild boar and deer. The main objective of the scheme is to avoid damage to standing crops caused by these animals. To increase the income of farmers by the year 2022, the Prime Minister of India Shri Narendrabhai Modi has set a target.

Further, the Government of Gujarat is working diligently to support this objective. In fact, recently, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Gujarat Mr. Vijaybhai Rupani launched a scheme called ‘Sat Karan Khedoot Kalyan’ which was held in 80 places in 33 districts of the state.

The initiative was organized by the Department of Agriculture, Farmers Welfare and Cooperation in Gandhinagar to promote the development of farmers and agriculture sector.

What is the plan for fencing around the farm?

We will tell about the scheme according to the latest resolution as total two resolutions have been passed here.

  • Under this scheme, farmers will have to make a cluster of their lands and apply. Farmers of all types will have to make a cluster of at least 5 hectares of land and apply. (Earlier it was 15 to 20 hectares.)
  • A group leader has to be appointed among the farmers around their farm.
  • Applications of beneficiary groups are to be made as per the cluster. 200/- per running meter as per application or 50% of the cost incurred whichever is less assistance will be sanctioned.
  • Online application has to be done on i-khedut portal. Approval of state government has to be obtained for allotment of district wise targets. If there are more applications in it, approval will have to be done through online draw method .
  •  If he is not selected in the draw also, it will be carried forward to the year following the application. So that the beneficiary does not have to apply again.
  • Whether wire fencing is done in the third party corridor before approving the application? It has to be verified. Completion of work will also be verified by third party inspection .
  • A report will be generated through it and payment will have to be made accordingly. GPS location tagging has to be done at the time of its verification .
  • If the work is not done according to the prescribed quality or design, or if the work is carried out with inferior goods, the benefits of the barbed wire fence construction scheme may not be realized.
  • After the farmers build the barbed wire fence, they have to bear the cost of maintaining it themselves.
  • Farmers will get the benefit of this barbed wire fence construction scheme only once in that survey no. And the benefits of the scheme, if availed earlier, will not be availed again.
  • This scheme has to be implemented in the entire state of Gujarat.

Purpose of wire fencing scheme

This scheme has been announced by Sarkarshree to save the farmers’ precious crops from roes and boars. This scheme will help in preventing damage to standing crops of farmers by wild animals and cattle.

Advantages of wire fencing scheme

  • The assistance payable under this scheme will be paid in two instalments.
  • In the first phase, 50% assistance will be paid (Rs.100 per running meter or 50% of the cost incurred whichever is lower) after verifying that the pillars have been erected by the farmers.
  • 50% assistance payable in the second phase (Rs.100 per running meter or 50% of the cost incurred whichever is less) after completion of the entire work to Gujarat Agro Industries Corporation Ltd. Third party GPS employed by Payment will be made after receipt of inspection report including location.

Documents required for wire fencing plan

  1. Information regarding financial account in bank.
  2. A copy of your Aadhaar card with details of class 7/12 and class 8A is required. Requirements: Class 7/12 details, Class 8A details and a copy of your Aadhaar card.
  3. Statement of Payment to Youth Leader
  4. Farmers have reached a consensus to work together as a group.
  5. Banehghari’s note shows that Juth’s farmers have failed to use the wire fencing scheme in advance.

Specification for wire fencing scheme

  • Excavation dimensions for pile installation are as follows: 0.40 m in length, 0.40 m in width and 0.40 m in depth.
  • The dimensions of cement concrete piers approved for use are 2.40 m in length and 0.10 m in width and height. These poles have a minimum of four strands and a minimum diameter of 3.50 mm.
  • A minimum distance of 3 meters must be maintained between two pillars.
  • The supporting piers should be located at an interval of 15 meters on both sides, and their dimensions should match those of the original pier.
  • To build the foundation of the pier, a mixture containing cement, sand and black raw material in the ratio of 1:5:10 must be used.
  • Barbed wire requires a minimum diameter of 2.50 mm for both line wire and point wire, with a plus-minus ratio of 0.08 mm. Barbed wire shall be double wire marked ISS, galvanized and coated with GI.
Official websiteikhedut.gujarat.gov.in

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